Reconocimiento a Saborea la Vida Holsum

El periódico semanal de negocios, Caribbean Business, reseñó la creatividad y el mensaje positivo que se promueve a lo largo de la nueva campaña institucional. El artículo reconoce que el lema "Saborea la vida" es una invitación a sonreirle a la vida y dejar a un lado la crítica para juntos como pueblo salir adelante.

Compartimos con ustedes una cita parcial al artículo publicado el 18 de octubre de 2012:

Refreshed identity and society, same fresh bread

Volume: 40 | No: 41
Page : 56
Issued : 10/18/2012

Shall we begin with what we’re tired of repeating? Puerto Rico is going through its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, with little end in sight. Crime remains too high. Education too low. Politicians too lost. Health…well, it generally makes us sick to mention that one.

So when a brand comes along to refresh the air as it refreshes itself, we welcome the relief. This time, it’s Holsum.

The homegrown bread recently launched its new slogan, “Saborea la Vida” (Savor Life), and a retouched logo as part of a campaign designed to bring out the best in our culture. This campaign picks us up, not with the feel-good tears typical of ad executions in this category, but with laughter. It is aimed not just at the gatekeeping mom, but at everyone. After all, who doesn’t love bread in this society?

The campaign, says Creative Director Javier Tirado, “is a perfect example of what is unique to Puerto Rican culture; that even though we are bombarded with negative news, we have the elegance and sensibility to focus on the positive and savor every moment of our lives.”