Conoce lo nuevo en productos Holsum.

Revolutionary: Whole Wheat White Bread with Calcium


Puerto Rico's Product Association awarded Holsum's Whole Wheat White Bread with Calcium with the distinguished "2007 Award for Quality and Excellence". José Luis Ponce, President of the Association, presented the award to Consuelo Abriles, Marketing Director of Holsum of PR.

Holsum® launches Whole Wheat Hamburger Bread in Local Market


After Holsum's® Whole Wheat Club Bread's successful reception, Holsum® of Puerto Rico, Inc. introduces into the local market a new whole wheat bread for hamburgers. This new bread is the only one in its category in the island and carries the same winning formula that has garnered more than 50% of the market. The new 21-ounce bread has a number of attributes that make it unique without sacrificing the rich flavor required by the local palate.

Holsum® of Puerto Rico's Marketing Director, Consuelo Abriles explained that “the Jumbo Hamburger Whole Wheat Bread was launched to keep a leading edge and to expand the very well received whole wheat bread line.”

This bread has the same nutritional attributes, softness and freshness that are characteristic of the Holsum brand and meets the strict standards of the Health Department’s “Salud Recomienda” program. Some of the program's attributes are related to fiber and cholesterol content.

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