Learn how Holsum bread is made!

Elaboración del pan

The Holsum® plant is divided into two sections: the first section is where breads and buns are elaborated and the second section is for the production of cakes, cookies and other products. The conditions of the plant are extraordinarily hygienic. Our plant undergoes continuous maintenance so that it is always in optimum condition in terms of cleanliness and operations.

At Holsum, we hope that you enjoy how Holsum® Bread and Buns are made!

1. Flour

Flour is the main ingredient and it is received daily in bulk. Once received, it is stored in one of three enormous containers (called silos), which have a capacity of 150,00 pounds each.

2. Yeast

The flour is sifted and sent to the area where the dough is created. Flour is then mixed with water, yeast and nutrients and placed in tanks where the process of fermentation begins. This process takes approximately 2.5 hours.

3. Mixers

After this initial fermentation, the dough is mixed with other ingredients such as: additional flour, sweeteners, soy bean oil, salt and others. In this part of the process two mixers with a capacity of 2,000 pounds each are used.

4. Molds

The dough is divided into individual molds of 16, 20 or 24 ounces.

Production of cream filled cookies

Elaboración de galletas

At the Holsum plant 135,000 cream-filled cookies are baked per hour. Here's an inside look at how Holsum's famous cookies are made:

1. Dough

Flour, sugar, vegetable fat, salt and artificial flavors are mixed for 8 minutes to create the perfect dough.

2. Molds

The dough is placed in the rotary machine where it will be divided. Huge metal cylinders contain the molds where the cookies are shaped.

3. To the Oven!

After the cookies are shaped, they are taken to the oven, where they are baked for four and a half minutes. The oven is 100 feet long and 40 inches wide and the cookies are baked at 400 degrees fahrenheit on one side and 300 degrees fahrenheit on the other.

4. Filling

Once cooled the cookies are filled with cream and the cookies that we know and love are finally formed.

5. Packaging

Finally the cookies are packaged and distributed around the Island and beyond.

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