En Holsum siempre hay algo nuevo. Aquí incluimos noticias que mencionan a Holsum de Puerto Rico.

Reconocimiento a Saborea la Vida Holsum

El periódico semanal de negocios, Caribbean Business, reseñó la creatividad y el mensaje positivo que se promueve a lo largo de la nueva campaña institucional. El artículo reconoce que el lema "Saborea la vida" es una invitación a sonreirle a la vida y dejar a un lado la crítica para juntos como pueblo salir adelante.

Compartimos con ustedes una cita parcial al artículo publicado el 18 de octubre de 2012:

Refreshed identity and society, same fresh bread

50 Years of Growth and Success


Holsum celebrates its 50th Anniversary

At Holsum of Puerto Rico, we are celebrating 50 years of producing the highest quality bread and pastry products for Puerto Rican families.  Our product line includes more than 150 products, including: white, whole wheat and light breads, toasts, cakes, pies, coffee cakes, pound cakes, donuts, cream, and oatmeal cookies and crackers.

“From the beginning, the Holsum executive team clearly established its objectives, values, and commitment to the Holsum consumers in its mission: 'To contribute to the healthy nourishing of the families that live in Puerto Rico and adjacent countries, providing the highest quality and most accessible bread and pastry products,' explained Ramón Calderón, Holsum of Puerto Rico's president. “This commitment provides the basis for our success year after year, while it pushes us to create the large variety of healthy and innovative products that we have available today for the local and foreign markets.

Holsum has been a leader in establishing freshness and quality standards in the Island.  Here are a few of our first to market accomplishments:

  • Holsum “Light” breads were first manufactured in Puerto Rico.   
  • Holsum, under the Country Hearth name, was the first to launch a complete whole wheat line, including six types of breads and three types of oatmeal cookies.
  • Holsum was the first to sell bread made with 100% vegetable oil, no cholesterol, and 0 Trans fats.
  • Holsum was the first to bring to the Puerto Rican table Whole Wheat White Bread”.
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