Cómo incorporar la fibra a su dieta diaria

Now that you know the importance of fiber, here is how you should incorporate it into your daily diet:

  • Make sure that half of your fibers come from whole wheat sources.  Then, go a step further by ensuring that not only the phrase “whole wheat” is in the product's title, but also that “whole wheat” is the first ingredient listed on the package.   
  • The other half of your fibers must be fortified fibers.  Whole grains are not fortified.  When foods are described as being fortified or enriched, it means that nutrients such as calcium, folic acid and iron have been added.   
  • Eat 3 ounces per day! Make sure that you and every member of your family consumes at least three ounces of whole foods per day.  These may include: bread, pasta, cookies, crackers or rice.
  • Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Remember that whole grains, fruits and vegetables constitute the most important  part of the food pyramid and, therefore, provide excellent health benefits.