Holsum® Bolidoughnuts


Who ate the last “bolidonut”? The white ring around the mouth, sugar dusted fingerprints, full rounded cheeks all point to the culprit. Bolidonuts come conveniently packed with a cap to assure freshness. But don’t kid your self, bolidonuts disappear faster than you think. Buy your Bolidonuts pack today and make sure to grab yours because they’ll disappear before you wink twice..

Bolidonuts come in 8 ounce reseal packs.

Holsum® Mini Doughnuts

Holsum Mini Donas

The delicious Holsum® Donuts come in mini size, a special size for those small hands that cannot resist the temptation of enjoying them. One mini-donut in its snack size fits anywhere. They are perfect for lunch boxes or to carry in the school bag to share in the park or during recess.

The donuts in the snack packs come in groups of 5 mini-donuts. You can buy them with or without sugar. These convenient multi-packs contain 4 snack packs. The donuts are 1 ¾ inches diameter.

Holsum® Sugar and Sugarless Doughnuts

Holsum Donas Azucaradas y Sin Azúcar

The flavor bus is here! And Holsum® donuts call for a sweet pause during the day with our regular size donuts

They come with sugar or without it. Now there are no excuses to let the occasion go by! Capture the imagination of your kids regardless of their age and park the flavor bus next to them!

Holsum® Donuts come in regular size with 4 different packs to choose from. There are buses with 8 or 5 donuts. You can try both flavors in the assorted 8-donut packs.

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