Holsum's Little Big Man, Don Luis Aguad Jorge

Homenaje a Don Luis Aguad

Don Luis Aguad Jorge, Holsum’s® “Little Big Man” was born in Cuba on August 25, 1925, although he says he feels 100% Puerto Rican thanks to the great affection he has received from young and old ever since he arrived on the island. He was born in Jarusco, a province of Havana, Cuba, where he met the well known Joaquín Monserrat ‘Pacheco’. He also worked in Cuban television during the 1950’s.

Don Luis arrived in Puerto Rico in the early 60’s motivated by Pacheco. For several years he worked in local TV comedies like ‘La Criada Malcriada’ and other Tommy Muñiz productions. During the 70’s he worked with Pacheco in the popular ‘Cine Recreo con Pacheco’.

In 1968 ‘Pacheco’ introduced him to Holsum’s® management. During that same year he began to work for the company as the person in charge of new product demonstrations in several supermarkets around the island. As time passed, his popularity increased to the point where speaking about Don Luis ‘El Enanito de Holsum®’,

was like speaking about the great variety of products manufactured by the company. For thirty years he represented and symbolized our products, managing to capture the imagination of thousands of kids, young people, and the not so young.

Today, Don Luis Aguad is no longer with us, but continues to be an important poart of Holsum's history. Because of his great heart and his dedication, he will always be remembered as Holsum's "Little Big Man", the man who could bring out a smile in anyone.

God bless Don Luis Aguad, Holsum's Little Big Man!