Holsum® of Puerto Rico responds to Global Demand: Discover a World of Opportunities

Today, consumers have a global perspective and the educated consumer experiments with an ever increasing appetite for new flavors.  At the same time, Puerto Ricans are also part of many communities around the world. For both groups, Holsum® represents a world of flavors freshly baked in the Caribbean.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on how to purchase Holsum® products for the local and international markets, please contact Mr. José Miguel Pérez, Strategic Planning Manager, at 787-798-8282 ext. 2238 or via e-mail at exportacion@holsumpr.com.

Holsum Stores

Tiendita Holsum

The Tienditas Holsum® are a division of Holsum® de Puerto Rico, Inc. These were created as cost recuperation centers for Holsum® products. The concept has evolved with time and they now have become convenience stores, increasing the variety of products available to satisfy the needs of our consumers. The Holsum® Stores blend in with the communities that surround them providing an excellent service and very competitive prices.


The Holsum® Stores have a fund collection program where they offer: taste, freshness and quality in all of its products. Some of the advantages that the program conveys are:

  • The ability to collect funds through a well known brand
  • You receive a great profit margin
  • There is no minimum amount of purchase
  • It is a different way to collect funds for the community, the school and other organizations or groups

For more information about these programs you can communicate with the stores.


Carr. # 2, Km. 118.2
Bo. Celada Baja
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 00605
Tel. 787-891-3945


Ave 65 de Infantería, Km 11
Intersección Carr. # 853
Entrada Barrazas
Carolina, Puerto Rico 00987
Tel. 787-757-7200


Calle Post #106 Norte
Esq. Enrique Dorrego
Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00680
Tel. 787-832-1180


Bo Calzada
Carr. #1, Km 121.5
Frente al aeropuerto
Mercedita, Ponce 00731
Tel. 787-841-7973

Toa Baja

Bo. Candelaria
Carr. #2 KM 20.1
Toa Baja, Puerto Rico 00949
Tel. 787-251-8300

Vega Baja

Plaza Monte Carlo
Urb. Monte Carlo
Bo. Algarrobo
Vega Baja, Puerto Rico 00693
Tel. 787-807-4143
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