Holsum® Casco Bite Size Crackers


Small and beautiful” cracker. It’s small only in size, because inside it holds the traditional charm of Casco® Crackers. They come in a convenient package that’s just perfect to share in a meal with friends and family.

Holsum® Casco Light Crackers


and in the light category Miss Curves makes her debut. Casco® Light Crackers are made for those who appreciate curves and “boricua” taste in their crackers but without breaking their diet.

Holsum® Casco Crackers with Whole Wheat Flour


Accompany any meal anytime you with a real “criolla” cracker, bronzed and crunchy. Holsum Casco Crackers with Whole Wheat Flour are incomparable and also…nutritious.

Holsum® Casco Crackers


Looking for a Casco® to go with your coffee? Stop! Casco® crackers meet our grandmother’s most demanding standards. Just like them, trust the Holsum® guarantee: freshness, taste and quality. Try the Holsum® “original.”

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